A Community Without Barriers Conference:

How to Read the Scriptures Notes and Audio

1.  Conference Introduction from Amy Henegar (audio)

2.  Presentation: How to Read the Scriptures (audio)

3.  Questions & Response: How to Read the Scriptures(audio)

4.  Additional Discussion Questions(audio)

5.  Panel Discussion and Testimonies(audio)

"How to Read the Scriptures" presentation notes.

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Women In Worship: Overcoming Our Fears

Many congregations that have decided to incorporate women into public roles in their worship services find that some, perhaps even many, women are reluctant to serve when asked to participate. This should not surprise us, since nearly everyone has a fear of public speaking. Women in Worship, provides women an opportunity to practice public speaking, including reading and praying, in a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment.

The workshop examines the dynamics that affect us as we are asked to participate publicly in church worship, dynamics that often cause nervousness and fear. The fundamentals of public speaking are addressed in order to help women feel confident in their ability to communicate publicly. Finally, the holy calling that one receives when asked to assist in worship is considered. The group spends precious time in prayer, seeking both humility and courage in order to be pleasing to God in worship participation.