It is our prayer that this website will help churches to make SIGNIFICANT CHANGES toward including and empowering women to use the GIFTS God has given them for his GLORY and the advent of God's KINGDOM in the world.

We believe that the scriptures never intended to SILENCE women in general or in any aspect of the church's work, public or private. Rather, the scriptures show that it is imperative that the church today make FULL USE of the spiritual gifts of both WOMEN and MEN

Print and Listen to "A Community Without Barriers"

A Community Without Barriers Study Guide - PDF

A Community Without Barriers Sermon I - 12/5/99

A Community Without Barriers Sermon II - 1/23/05

Una Comunidad sin Barreras - Spanish Translation

"Leadership Among New Testament Christians" - 2/25/18
Men and Women serving as Deacons and Elders.
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